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About Us


We are a community looking to strengthen our faith together, and welcome ALL to join us each week at God's table to celebrate the promised gift of His grace through faith! All are welcome to come as they are to worship. We seek unity through ecumenical love and support of diversity in our Christian community. We nurture our members' individual faith journey's by offering a variety of fellowship and educational opportunities. We believe we have something to offer, and we hope you'll come see.

We are a collection of young families, retirees, single parents, life-long members, new members, St. Louis natives, and people new to the area. There are members who live right around the corner, and members who commute to join us each Sunday.  Lutherans are known for their food - and we are no exception!  We love to have fun, share God's Word, and enjoy each other's company.  Some of us like to "dress up" for church, and some of us like to worship comfortably.  We LOVE good music and are blessed to have lots of it in service!  Some of us are shy and quiet in reflection of worship and some of us are boisterous evangelizers!  Whoever YOU are, you'll fit right in!


Of course, the "Church's One Foundation" is Jesus Christ, Our Lord!  But we have a human history as well.  Our church was founded in 1957, when the south side of St. Louis was expanding from countryside to suburban neighborhoods. We enjoyed many years of thriving membership and growth in many ministry areas.  As the urban sprawl moved further south, our membership declined, and many of our new members were commuters seeking our unified Christian values.  We struggled to remain connected to our neighbors and relevant in God's mission.  Today, the area and our congregation is reviving!  We look forward to welcoming new neighbors into our fold to educate us on the local community needs and guide us toward local missions. Will it be you?

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

A congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

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