Worship Service:9:00 AM every Sunday
Our user-friendly worship service has a printed bulletin, so it is easy to follow.  Our congregational style is casual and friendly.  We use the hymnal for our enthusiastic singing, but occasionally have "contemporary" songs added to the mix.  Our worship style is the Divine Service, and Holy Communion is celebrated every Sunday.  Communion is by Intinction, which is to dip the wafer into the wine.  We welcome everyone who wishes to build and enrich their faith in their God and Savior.
NEW in 2013:
Children's Church!   Our new Sunday School program invites kids from 0 to confirmation class age into Children's Church during our 9:00 AM worship service.  Led by enthusiastic volunteers, the kids receive a "Children's Message" up front after the Gospel reading, then they go to a quiet area for a 20 minute lesson or activity while Pastor Larry preaches the sermon.  Parents may accompany shy children if they choose.  At the conclusion of the sermon, the kids then come back into church for the rest of the service.
Adult Classes:  10:15 AM every Sunday
Enrichment to the word is provided through group discussion and reflection for adults and children alike.  Only through constant study can we grow closer to God's word.
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Worship Services